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Comprehensive Talent Development

At Episil Technologies we recognize that people are our most important resource. We provide a complete HR development system to help the professional and career development of all our people, starting with a comprehensive competency development plan customized for each employee. Using a spectrum of talent cultivation methods and resources, we establish an ideal environment for long-term career development. By helping every employee find a position most suited to their talents, we thus ensure that personal goals are met while the company steadily grows and prospers to create a win-win situation.


Comprehensive Talent Development

  • Complete training system


    • Competency training

Build company core competency and individual core competency.

    • Cross-training courses

Raise staff competency outside areas of specialization, and provide working knowledge and operational techniques to meet job and development needs.

    • Graded management training

Foster and reinforce management ability at all levels, to raise management effectiveness.

    • General Training

Establish all the basic knowledge required by the job, including quality awareness, health & safety, computer, language, etc. as well as skills training, new employee training, and internal-lecturer courses.

    • Self-Development training

Encourage staff to pursue self-exploration and self-development. For this purpose, Episil Technologies provides related training access, methods, and resourcesEpisil Technologies is honored with 2010~2016 year TTQS bronze medal by Workforce Development Agency

  • Complete Competency Training and Development Roadmap

Set up the learning and development route based on different job classification and department rank as the starting point. Work out the required skills, training, authentication and development advice to advance the employees’ professional ability development. In order that the employees can understand their career development at Episil Technologies, we provide an internal network professional competency training e-platform that lets staff easily access training resources and related training record etc. Thus managers can monitor and review staff development, and use this information as reference for more effective staff development, management, promotion and awards.

  • Customized training and development program

Depending on every employee’s individual strengths, abilities and position, a personalized annual training and development program is made through discussion with management and in line with the annual corporate performance management and competency-developing roadmap. Employees can meet self-development targets by monitoring and tracking of training results. The individual development plan and results are closely brought together, so that, as their abilities increase employees can earn appropriate awards, promotions, transfer, project assignments, etc. Episil Technologies provides vertical and horizontal development opportunities, affording unlimited space for career and personal development.


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