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Business Philosophy

Episil embodies the following business philosophy, in our quest to establish win-win strategic partnerships with our customers and industrial partners.

Emphasis on high-performance service quality

 We place strong emphasis on providing highly effective quality service, in order to create profits and win-win relationships with our customers and partners. This is our most important business philosophy and our number one business development goal.

Emphasize professionalism and discipline

 In and outside the organization, we insist on professionalism and discipline, careful attention to business operation, performance in work project execution, and creation of a management culture that fosters meet our every goal.

Believe that innovation is the only way to sustainable operation

 We believe that only through continuous innovation can we create competitive value for Episil and our clients, and guarantee long-term sustainable operations.

Establish a culture of integrity

 We demand the highest standard of professional ethics internally and externally, and thereby develop an organizational culture and establish a professional image.

Bring the value of collaborative teamwork into full play

 Looking outward, we strive to establish with clients and partners relationships based on collaborative teamwork. Internally we have zero tolerance for departmental disharmony. Such a policy is the only way to realize team cooperation, and the only way to maximize contribution and value.

Lifelong learning- Bravely face challenges

 To evolve with changing circumstances, we strongly encourage lifelong learning for business and personal growth capacity, and we support facing challenges and taking risks.


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