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Vision and Business Philosophy

In its mission as part of the global semiconductor supply chain, Episil pursues sustainable development as a corporate and social responsibility. At the same time, we promote the production capacity and profit. In the future, we will continue to fulfill the economic, environmental, and social aspects of that mission while maintaining clear communication with stakeholder groups.

Corporate Governance

To strengthen the operating conditions and management functions in the aspects of economics, social and environment, the company management was supervised and appointed by the Board. It may disclose the financial and important information regularly to maintain shareholders’ rights and interests. To uphold honesty and ensure information transparency while maintaining shareholder rights and benefits, we periodically disclose financial information. A code of ethics regulates employee business conduct at all levels. To ensure impartial and effective corporate management, the auditing unit oversees company operating processes.

Environmental Protection

EPISIL in environmental protection are endeavored to eliminate or reduce the impacts of the civilization outcomes to the nature environment to reach the goal of regain the consistency between Human and nature environment. Via integrated environmental management system’s planning and procedure, especially focus on legal compliance, waste reduction, pollution prevention, energy conservation, and resource recycling our goal are attended. We have been approved to ISO14001, environmental management system, certification since Oct. 2001. Annual internal and external audits are conduct to ensure the proper operation and continuous improvement to environmental management system.

Health and Safety

We have established a dedicated ESH division to manage all things associated with occupational health and safety. Periodically workplace environment monitoring and regular equipment checkups and preventive maintenance have been performed to ensure worker’s safety.  Periodic health examination are carried out, especially for employees work in specified areas will perform specified health examine item to ensure their health conditions. We have been approved to OHSAS18001, occupational health management system, certification since Jan. 2002. Through the continuous improvement of the occupational health management system, we can reach the goal of accident prevention, workplace safety enhancement, employees’ health promotion, and corporate assets protection.

Employee Care

Employees are the most important asset at EPISIL. We affirm the contribution of employees to the company. We promise a good and safe working environment to employees. Also we encourage the employees to grow along with the company in their professional field. In compliance with labor codes, we assiduously promote current regulations and policies. We maintain multiple communication channels to promote dialog and interaction with employees. Beyond providing an ensured safe and healthful work environment, we promote employees’ mental and physical health by offering occupational safety training courses, spirit workshops, and exercise programs.

Societal Engagement

At Episil, in keeping with corporate societal responsibility, we encourage employee involvement in charitable activities. Furthermore, we have lent support to blood donation clinics, resource recycling campaigns and marginalized groups.

Supplier Management

At Episil, we value our partnerships with suppliers as links in a reliable semiconductor supply chain. We assist suppliers to conduct risk assessments, improve management and ensure chemicals comply with current laws and regulations. A rigorous contractor supervision and management process effectively monitors compliance with environmental, safety, and health (ESH) regulations; personnel safety is thereby ensured and property loss prevented. We are also cognizant of labor and human rights issues. For example, we request that suppliers eschew conflict zone minerals.

Since 2011 Episil have requested their suppliers and suppliers’ supply chain to disclose their cooperated smelting plant and mine list; we also encourage our suppliers and their supply chain to purchase from non-conflict smelting plant and mine. In addition, we request our supplier to urge those smelting plant and mine which not yet obtain non-conflict authentication to accept conflict-free smelter Program (CFSP) or other equivalent 3rd party’s audit and authentication.

Episil will continuously devote ourselves to achieve in the use of Gold, Tantalum, Tin, and Wolfram on the line with the “conflict-free” principal as the goal, and regularly update annual survey of suppliers, asking them to improve and expand the scope of the information disclosure to comply with regulation and customer requirements.

The so-called "conflict-free" raw material is material come from Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Global e-Sustainability Initiate (GeSI), other equivalent organization approved Smelting plant, or been identified as “DFC conflict free” after reasonable verification and due diligence.


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