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  Founded in 1985 in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park. Today the company has around 900 employees and a total capitalization of about US$65 million.
  In 1992, expanded its business in the contract production of silicon wafers, establishing in Taiwan the world's first specialized bipolar IC foundry model. In 1996, Episil began offering Power MOSFET contract production. Currently the company is Taiwan's leading example of dedicated foundries in these areas. In this market, traditionally dominated by large foundries, Episil early on established a stable competitive niche among many similar players, steadily increasing market share year by year, and from 1999 continuously expanded it's production capacity. Currently, the company also owns two 6-inch and one 5-inch wafer fabs, making Episil the small-sized wafer foundry in Taiwan with both the greatest market value and highest development potential.

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